back online

After quite some time I’ve managed to get my server back online. The issue was that running it on a raspberry pi 3 alongside other things pretty much ensured the OOM killer would kick in and start killing things off.

I got one of those HP elitedesk PCs for only £40 off eBay to host this and it’s superb! This is now running in a docker container on a low powered 8gb system. You get far more bang for buck compared to a raspberry pi this way.

In terms of comments, it turns out I have about 3500 unmoderated comments, so it’s likely I’ll have to just bin them all due to time constraints. Apologies if you’ve written something useful.

I’ve got some interesting posts coming soon, including how this is all hosted now (major upgrades all around in that sense, but for no (big) extra cost. Some cool things I’ve been playing with and much more.

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