iPod nano 2nd generation on Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy)

My girlfriend and I both have iPods. I have a 2nd gen shuffle, she has a 2nd gen nano. Both were working fine on my Edgy install, however, the 2nd gen nano wasn’t being ‘found’ by Gnome, and therefore not appearing in Banshee (which is what I really wanted).

There is a workaround, it’s a replacement for Gnome’s HAL. Simply follow the instructions here for results:

3 thoughts on “iPod nano 2nd generation on Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy)

  1. What do you think of the new iPod Nano Chromatic.??

    Seems a complete change from the shorter version. Is it just the colours that has changed or is there actually some substance behind the newer version.

    Am finding it hard to get a proper objective review of the ipod nano. I have only seem one half decent review at http://www.ipodreviews.co.uk

    would love to know what others think..

  2. If you’re considering using a newer ipod (new nano, ipod touch/iphone) with Linux, forget about it! Well, for the time being. Apple has developed a new way to generate the itunesdb which is stored on your ipod. The way this is generated has yet to be hacked, but you can check for updates here: http://bluwiki.com/go/Ipodhash

    Obviously you can always use windows xp under virtualbox or whatever, but it’s less than ideal for using your ipod. Stupid Apple (I just happen to have an ipod touch 2nd gen)

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