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Audio CD checksum database

While extracting one of my favorite cds today and noticing it had heavy scratching on it, it occured to me it might have loads of errors while extracting. So I thought “I’ll just run an md5/sha1 checksum on it and verify it against CDDB’s checksums…” CDDB doesn’t have checksums for cd tracks. This is crazy.

I might have to set up my own database….if I ever get time.

Please let me know if you know of one.

So anyway, I had a look at md5 sums, to see if they’re the same on different cd rom drives. They are, but as commented below, you need to provide the drive offset. Me and some other guy called Michael are looking into it. As for the actual database…I had some thoughts on that, but it’s a pretty big project. Not sure what actions to take with limited time.

Update 2:
Found a database, although it’s not online, and it’s windows only…not really the cddb way. Have a look at More soon.


Mylo – Destroy rock & roll

Recently aquired this album, sounds pretty cool, some kind of progressive funky house mixed in with some more chilled out tracks.

Sounds very much like Daft punk – Discovery swished around with Røyksopp – Melody A.M. – well, that’s what I think!


Boards Of Canada

A track from Boards of Canada’s new album ‘The Campfire Headphase’ has been released on the Bleep website. It only costs 99p, that’s the same as a rubbish burger from McDonalds.

The album is due for release on the 17th of October. I for one cannot wait.

While you’re waiting and wondering why I’m making such a fuss, why not check out some previous releases? Highly recommended.

DJ Swoop

An old friend of mine known as DJ Swoop from London will be playing in the second round of the Corona world DJ competition in a couple of weeks. I’ll be going, which is always a bonus!

So if you’re up for some top quality house mixes and a bit of a laugh, try and make it:

The Beach Club, Brighton
Friday September 16th @ 9pm

Check out the flyer here.

Best of luck Swoop!


I’ve been offered a chance to help with a quite well established site called tesselate which is primarily an electronic music review and preview e-mag type thing, although it also has various news articles and stuff also. I’ve also offered to give Sam who runs it a hand with giving the site a tech overhaul. It’s already quite popular which is nice!

More reviews soon!