My name is John Hunt. I’ve been working commercially with the web and related technologies since 1999, but programming computers since the mid-80’s! Yes, that makes me quite old experienced.

It all started when my father bought a Sinclair ZX spectrum and he showed me how to program in BASIC. I couldn’t get enough! Back in the 80s nobody really had the internet or anything like that so you could either play games, or delve into the mysterious and magical world of programming to make the computer do what you told it to. Great fun.

Later, in the 90s my friends and I would write games and share them with each other.

I mostly sit in front of my computers all day programming and messing around with web stuff.

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Hopefully I’ll aggregate everything here soon.

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  1. John,
    I read with interest your comments in the following post:


    Is your experience still that wurfl database is inaccurate? Is there any other way to discover the true device size?

    I am working on a mobile site that simulates a virtual keyboard (for entry of math expressions) and on smaller devices in portrait mode I compensate for relatively small keys by making them somewhat taller. My problem is that on a larger device (with exact same pixel resolution), I would like for the keyboard to consist of keys that are completely square (it looks better, and there isn’t a ‘fat finger’ problem). However, if I don’t know the actual device size, I can’t really do anything there.

    As correctly predicted in the thread above, heuristics ain’t gonna cut it – there are already 1080×1920 phones so the 768 ‘breakpoint’ is useless.

    I would very much appreciate any comment that you might have in regards to this


  2. Hello John, I noticed your old post about checksums on CD audio. I would like to point out my work adding Python Audio Tools to the Debian package repository. I have found it a most useful tool for verifying rips against the AccurateRip database. Give it a try, and I do hope you would give feedback to the author about improving it. Further you can have a look at the CueTools DB (CTDB) but as of yet it is a Windows-only implementation in C#.

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