Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) on Dell Studio 1555

Ok, so I decided to natively install Ubuntu 10.04 on my Studio 1555.. fairly impressed.. almost everything works out the box which is a bit annoying.

The only issue I’ve had is that the included proprietary ATI driver fails when you try to use suspend, however this is apparently easily circumvented by using the most recent driver from the ATI site (it was a bug with their driver.)

Using the open source driver results in poor power management, so I’d advise against doing that.

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) on Dell Studio 1555

  1. when i am trying to install ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my studio 1555,,during installing up to 48% its showing input output error ..and gets hanged….plz give me some solution,,,i used the shrinked partition from c drive..

  2. Hi All,
    Can you confirm if wiifi card works in Dell Studio 1555 for Ubuntu 11.04? Does your CD ejects after burning on it using Brasero?

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