ClearSilver PHP module on Ubuntu

I recently got the ClearSilver PHP module working on my Ubuntu laptop as we use it on a number of our web sites and I needed to develop a site with it locally. Then this morning I stupidly upgraded PHP and of course the module had un-resolved symbols. Dohh!

So I decided this time I’d write a better document on how to get it working, one which might actually help me and could perhaps help others. Check it out on my wiki:

ClearSilver PHP module on Debian based systems

It seems to work well, but please, please be careful following my instructions.

One thought on “ClearSilver PHP module on Ubuntu

  1. John, I stumbled across your blog while looking for IT professionals with an interest in open source and Linux. I don’t know if you have seen Computerworld UK and its new Open Source Zone.

    If not, please take a look. I think we have got it off to a good start but we want to develop it with end user stories, general open source news and blogs.

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    Any ideas gratefully received.

    Mike Simons
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