Skype 1.3 Beta for Linux

Amazingly, the skype people have finally released a version of skype for linux that actually works. I thought I’d never see the day, but here it is. Yes, it’s still a beta, but a massive improvement on earlier versions which wern’t even worth bothering with!

Download Skype 1.3 Beta for Linux.

Finally, something we can use. Also, bear in mind skype is evil and shouldn’t be used regardless. Use a proper SIP phone and VOIP network.

3 thoughts on “Skype 1.3 Beta for Linux

  1. Hehe. “There’s a new Skype that we can use but don’t use it.”

    Why is Skype evil? What alternative do you recommend?

  2. Skype is evil because it’s a proprietary network which only other skype users can connect to, rather than an open network (like the internet for example). If everyone uses Skype, then they can charge through the roof (well, a lot more than they should) for skype out style services…they already charge too much for this kind of thing believe it or not.

    Also, it’s all totally closed source, even when running, the program uses encrypted routines and stuff to do things…who knows what it’s up to!

  3. Thankfully v2 finally came out after a long time, works much better although now struggles with pulseaudio.

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