Radeon 7000 TV Out on Linux

If you want to get TV out to work on Linux on Radeon 7000, don’t bother with all those little tools and things (unless you want something other than ‘clone’ mode). Simply plug in your svideo cable and use the ‘vesa’ driver for X rather than radeon. I tried for a long time to find the right modeline to use but couldn’t get it to work. However, I’ll try some more later on, chances are I might be able to find the current modeline from the vesa driver and use it on the radeon/ati one.

update: I’ve bought an Nvidia geforce 4 mx with tv out for the machine as ati only offer proprietry drivers for radeon cards 8000+, which the radeon 7000 isn’t, and I simply had enough as this solution only cost £7 from ebay and it’s probably a better one as you can do alsorts with their driver.

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