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Gallery stuff

Apologies for the gallery downtime over the weekend, I’ve been moving around web servers… it shouldn’t be too long now until there’s a proper web address for it, like, rather than this: You can always use the gallery link on this page (to the right) to access the gallery.


You can just use, it’ll always direct you to the right place.


Gallery is offline completely for the foreseeable future.. however, we still have all the photos, so don’t worry!

Kick 4 Life

A good friend of mine Pete Fleming runs a charity called kick 4 life, I quote from his website (as it says it better than I could!):

Some people think football is a matter of life and death… it can be.

Kick 4 Life is a registered charity that uses football as a tool to fight poverty and disease in the world’s poorest countries. As the most popular game on the planet, football has the power to unite, bring hope and create opportunities. To make this a reality, we aim to:

  • Enhance the preservation and protection of good health throughout the world, in particular in relation to issues surrounding HIV/AIDS by the provision of information and advice to those at risk or who are suffering the effects of HIV/AIDS, and the provision of financial assistance to those effected.
  • The relief of poverty, hardship, and distress throughout the world by provision of financial and/or material assistance of those in need

You can check out Kick 4 Life here. Please make a donation if you can!

Free USB key!

I don’t know what kind of storage capabilities it has, but Microsoft are doing free USB keys, click the usb key image: from here and follow the instructions. You’ll have to use your ms passport login to do it. Answers are 4, false, true, true (or 2,true,true,true? I dunno, probably makes no difference) (so I’ve been told anyway). You might want to format it as soon as you get it!


I recently discovered ajchat, it’s a chatroom thing for your website, although it uses the infamous ‘ajax’ method of doing things. This means that it’s smooth. I tried it out and it IS smooth, as smooth as IRC which is very nice indeed and makes it a real option for websites, or just a web IM client thing.

ajchat ajax chat thing


Yup, xmas is here. So if you’re thinking about buying me a present, have a look at my Amazon wishlist. It’ll save you a lot of wondering about what to get me, and it’ll get me stuff I want (and it shouldn’t be too expensive). Thanks in advance :p

Let me know what you want for xmas (if your applicable to present buying!)

Serious IE exploit

Well, here’s a very good reason to switch to the firefox web browser instead of using Internet Explorer. A new not-yet-patched exploit has been exposed that allows allows someone to run whatever they like on your computer. I’ve set it up myself to proove how easy it is:
IE Exploit (loads calc.exe (after you click your OS) calculator (harmless!)).
Say I wanted to steal money from you…I could quite easily make that page download a program to monitor what you type, like all your passwords etc..and then email me the info via a hotmail account, and just silently gather all your personal details over many years, then bam, I login to your bank account, transfer all your money over to an offshore account and live happily ever after…but much richer.

Time to stop using IE, it sucks anyway.