BottleI thought it was about time I started reviewing some beer, at least as a reference for myself when I’m next out shopping for beer. In time I’ll start to do this properly, but for now it’s just a quick summary.

Today’s beer is Fürstenberg a 5.3% lager from Germany.

Approx. $18 for 6 330ml bottles from my local store. This is a german beer, and tastes very much like the beer we had at the world cup in Germany in 2006, so it brings back font memories for me. The first thing I’d note about Fürstenberg is that it goes down extremley well, it doesn’t seem too carbonated and there’s no bitterness to it at all, faily refreshing although not very sharp. This beer is lacking in flavour a bit, but then again it’s the kind of beer that isn’t meant to have a lot of flavour, it’s a real drinking beer – so I’m now off to drink the other 5!

I’ll hopefully revisit this review once I gain more experience and write some proper reviews. But for now, as a personal reference I’ll give this beer a solid 7/10 – it’s a good beer, but lacks anything special. Certainly better than most of the beer I seem to drink.

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