Give me money!

Yup, now you can easily donate to the gallery, the web site or just me in general by clicking on the donate button (under the links at the side) and giving me £££ via paypal. I will make sure that Nick gets a big chunk of it due to his hard work on the gallery.

Donating will ensure this site stays around. It’s not free to run, it’s cost me over £200 already..!

Oh and by the way, gallery is ready, we’re linking it in soon (maybe today). It’s pretty neat, plus there’s loads of new photos Nick’s taken and I have a fair few to add myself. Including the one of me being sick on myself!

Alternatively, instead of getting me an xmas prezzie, donate! 🙂

Special mention to James: Thanks for your help in the past with donations! Sorry I suck so much.

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